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Using Fireeye For Cybersecurity Research And Threat Intelligence

Using Fireeye For Cybersecurity Research And Threat Intelligence

Cyber Security Solutions is an industry-wide certification scheme which sets out a solid baseline of cyber security appropriate for all businesses in all industries. The scheme address five key controls which, if implemented properly, will prevent up to 80% of cyber threats. These include: preventing access to unsecured areas of the network, preventing delivery of executable code to users and scripts in unprivileged areas of the network, preventing data theft from the network and protecting against deliberate attack or subversion of software or hardware. It goes on to say that these are only some of the ways in which cyber criminals try and infiltrate businesses’ networks.Read More About 몸캠피싱

However, if we look at cyber security solutions as a whole, what does it actually mean? Simply put, cyber crime refers to any criminal activity that utilizes technology or hacking techniques to gain access to a company’s confidential information. This includes stealing financial data, corporate secrets or intellectual properties and breaches of customer and employee records. Additionally, cyber criminals can use the internet to carry out any number of other activities such as extortion, blackmail and fraud. The Internet also provides a wealth of untapped potential for cyber criminals to exploit.

One major issue with many current cyber security programs is that they focus almost exclusively on blocking the “bad” information technology – ie, internet threats. Unfortunately, this only addresses the symptoms of a problem, not its root causes. This is because many of the most dangerous cybercrimes are carried out online, where advanced security programs often cannot be implemented. As a result, e-crimes go largely undetected for years at a time – allowing the cyber criminals to continue their illegal activities unchecked.

With that said, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the U.S. Cyber Command (USCYBEC) have taken a public good faith efforts to jointly develop a comprehensive cyber security strategy to address the growing threat of e-crimes. Their joint venture strategy will enable the agencies to work more closely together, sharing information about cyber threats and working to mitigate the destructive potential of those threats. In fact, the collaboration has resulted in a number of important cyber security tools and solutions. Below is an example:

A new malware known as “rogue antivirus” is spreading through computers around the world. The malware has the capability to hijack personal computers and render them useless and in some cases can cause serious damage to data. Due to the fact that the legitimate antivirus programs are not able to detect and remove these types of attacks, the rogue antivirus program can spread throughout the global cyber landscape, corrupting security measures. A coordinated international effort to counter the rising threat of these malicious cyber threats is needed to prevent such a crippling outcome.

Fireeye is leading the industry in providing malware and threat intelligence (MIS) to help companies prevent cyber crimes. The company was founded by a pair of former Navy hackers and is now responsible for helping businesses protect themselves from the ever growing threat of cyber espionage and sabotage. Working with companies to design defenses against not only specific threats, but also general threats is what the company does. If you want to work with a company that can help you better understand cyber security and what to do to defend your business, consider hiring Fireeye.

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