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Tips To Help Protect Your Mattress

Tips To Help Protect Your Mattress

A mattress protector is simply an item of textile cloth that sits atop of, or completely covers, a mattress to both protect it from dirt, liquids, and even airborne irritants like bed bugs, dust mites, mold, and even dead human skin cells. Some mattress protectors even provide added protection for the individual sleeping on the mattress as well, from allergens, irritants, and bed bugs. They are generally made of synthetic materials such as polyester, acrylic, nylon, or polypropylene, but can be anything down to plastics. These protective coverings are most effective when they are sewn directly onto the surface of the mattress.

Mattress protector

Although not officially recognized by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration), it has long been known that mattress protectors can help with allergic reactions and other health problems. Mattress allergies are often the result of dust mite exposure or airborne pollutants in the air. Studies have indicated that one of the greatest causes of allergies is airborne pollution, which can come in many forms such as pollen, pet dander, dust, and cigarette smoke. Some individuals are more susceptible to allergies than others, and some may even develop serious allergies after years of living in a polluted environment. For those who suffer from these kinds of ailments it can be very helpful to invest in a good mattress protector. This will help to keep their precious sleep free of allergies and other problems. Buy best bedding products at aaf-textiles.co.uk

Because these products are so important to having a healthy and comfortable sleep, one of the best mattress protectors is anti-allergenic. It is best to find a protector that is 100% allergenic, as the smallest amount of allergens can possibly cause an allergic reaction. It is also best to find a protector that is not only hypoallergenic but also highly resistant to stains and spills. A mattress protector that is made of a thick plastic that can help protect against spills will be very helpful, as is one that is made of a strong and durable fabric that is able to repel stains. These types of products will also help to prolong the life of your mattress.

Bed bugs are another issue that can affect your sleep, and these mattress protectors help protect your bed from them. Some people suffer serious side effects from bed bugs such as blood poisoning, which can require professional treatment. However, with this type of protection it is easy to keep bed bugs at bay. In fact, most bed bug sprays and powders that you purchase for use around your home are specifically designed for use on mattresses.

Most people experience some form of spill on a regular basis. Whether it is spilled water from a glass of soda or spilled juices from a jar, everyday accidents can lead to expensive damage to your mattress. One of the best ways to prevent these kinds of spills is by using a mattress protector. By using one of these waterproof sprays or wipes you can quickly remove the spill and stop it from causing even more damage.

Homeowners often wonder how to get a good quality encasement for their bed. Many of the better quality brands are available in both spray and powder forms. While the powder can be used to soak up spills, the spray will work to actually mold the area around the protective barrier. The molding process actually helps to deter bed bugs from getting into your bedbug encasement, which is very important to preventing any more bed bug bites or allergic reactions in your home.

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