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The Easy Way to Install a Kitchen


There is a very simple principle that should always be in your mind when it comes to designing the layout of your kitchen. The rule of thumb is that there should always be at least three levels of cabinets in your kitchen. The rules of this triangle are as follows:

The length of this triangle stand between two thirds of an inch. The combined length of all the legs must be less than four feet. There should be no fixtures or cabinet intersections intersecting any of these three legs. This triangle is also the most important for determining the size of your kitchen and the style of your kitchen furniture, because these three pieces are the most important in determining the overall size of your kitchen.

If you do not know the length and width of this triangle, here are some guidelines. The triangle can be either a straight line or a triangle with three different angles. The straight line design is the easiest to create with two parallel lines. The three angles design takes more work, but the process is much easier to complete. The three angles will give you the best design, but the most difficult part of the process is finding places where you can cut these angles in order to make a more accurate measurement.

It will help to create a sketch of your kitchen triangle. This sketch can be done in pencil or paper. Once you have created your sketch, take a picture of it and frame it and hang it on the wall. This will help you visualize what you are trying to achieve.

After you have done your sketch, take another picture and do a scale of all three triangles to make a scale diagram. After you have finished doing your scale diagram, draw a line from the middle point of your triangle to the front wall to determine the shortest possible distance between each of your kitchen cabinets. You can also measure the height of your cabinets from the floor level to get a good idea of how you want them to look.

Now that you have your three triangle plans, take the following measurements to the nearest foot mark on your triangle diagram. Remember to take the first measurement and then multiply by two so you have the same measurement for the second measurement. and finally the third measurement.

Using this triangle plan, you can start to draw your kitchen. You want to place the first two cabinets right next to the counter top, middle of your island, and then the third one, and final one on the opposite side wall, right next to the door. This will allow the person coming in the door to be able to quickly see what they are getting into. Once you have the plans, you can start to draw your cabinetry.

Remember that it is important to follow the triangle plan, so that you can easily cut and match the angles and shapes of your cabinets once you have your design in hand. You will also need to have your drawer pulls, cabinet hardware and doors placed in the order that you plan, but of course, you may be surprised by what works and what doesn’t work in a given situation. Once you have your design drawn out you can begin to cut your hardware and start to assemble your kitchen with the correct placement of your hardware and drawers.

The last step to installing your cabinetry will be to drill the holes for the hardware that you have just installed. You can either use a nailer or a chisel to do this. Once you have installed all your hardware you can then slide in your drawers and your shelf paper and your island into place and secure it with the hardware.

To finish your installation process, you can either use a primer before you put your cabinets in, or you can paint your cabinetry before you install. However, you may choose to use paint prior to installation so that you can see if your wood grain and your color matches, then sand your cabinetry after you install it. before painting it. This can give you the added advantage of making sure that you get a uniform look throughout your cabinetry.

The final step to getting a kitchen design that is easy to install is to add some finishing touches such as wallpaper, hardware, trim and cabinets. It does take time to complete, but the result will be well worth it.

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