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The Best Electric Guitars in the World

The Best Electric Guitars in the World


One of the most popular brands of musical instruments is that of Takamine. The Japanese guitar manufacturer makes a line of guitars and amplifiers for both beginners and professionals. The guitar models from this company are often very expensive, so you need to do your homework before making your purchase. Guitar strings, pickups, and other accessories come in a variety of packages. However, if you are looking for a more basic set, these are probably the best options.

Each year, Takamine shows their exceptional craftsmanship with their limited-edition LTD model. This year’s Limited-Edition 2020 “Peace” guitar brings in the foothills of the famous Japanese Alps with a black and white finish. The Limited Edition 2020 “Peace” features a black and white pickguard, black metal hardware, and a mahogany body.

The Takamine Limited Edition G500 model has a black and gold finish and is priced at $2,200. It also features a two-piece body with an ebony fingerboard and rosewood fretboard inlays. It also uses the same signature pickups as Takamine Limited Edition Limited-Edition G500. It comes complete with an Allen barre/warriner tremolo bridge, six-saddle pickup tray, and mahogany or maple neck.

For those who are looking for something a little different, Takamine has created the Takamine Limited Edition Limited-Edition G400 model. This is a four piece, eight inch scale models with a maple or mahogany body and a single humbucker in the upper position. It also sports a two-piece body with an ebony fingerboard inlay and rosewood fretboard inlays. It also uses Takamine’s signature humbuckers in the first three positions. There is no tremolo bridge, but the tremolo post and electronics are included.

There are other guitar models from Takamine as well. The “Jasmine” series is one of the most popular of their models. This three piece model has a mahogany body with maple or cherry fretboard inlays. The mahogany neck and body and maple or cherry fretboard inlays are finished in black, and gold finishes.

Other notable guitar models from Takamine include the “Waldorf” series. This guitar is a five piece, ten inch scale models featuring a mahogany or ash body. The “Waldorf” series also uses a black finish on its maple or rosewood fretboard inlays. The “Romeo” series features the classic model design with a mahogany or maple fingerboard and rosewood fretboard inlays, which are a two piece guitar.

There are many other models from Takamine that can be found on the internet as well. The “Hundred Years” series is another of the most popular. This model has a mahogany body with a maple or cherry fretboard inlay, as well as a gold finish. This model also includes an ebony pickguard.

Regardless of what style you are interested in, you will find that Takamine has a model to suit your needs. Whether you are a beginner or experienced guitarist or simply want to update your guitar, Takamine has the right guitar to do so.

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