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Learn About Cyber Security Solutions for Business

Learn About Cyber Security Solutions for Business

There are currently three basic categories of cyber security: software, hardware, and service security. Each category provides different levels of cyber security for your company. But all cyber security solutions have a single goal: to secure your company’s data and / or assets from cyber attack. There are three types of cyber security as identified by IT Services Canada: enterprise firewall, single firewall, and integrated firewall. However, not all companies utilize all three of these tools.

What is enterprise firewall? An enterprise firewall is used to manage the flow of data between internal sources and external sources. It controls the traffic between authorized networks and servers, preventing unauthorized access. An example of a cyber security solution using an enterprise firewall is Microsoft network firewall. It works to stop malicious programs from accessing a company’s intranet and files. Read More About 영상협박

What is single firewall? A single firewall is a program that works in cooperation with other programs to detect and block suspicious files, web sites, and programs. A popular example of a cyber security solution using a single firewall is Microsoft internet security center. It works to detect and prevent malicious programs from accessing your company’s intranet and files. This program can be run manually or by using an automated process if you have the right software.

What is integrated firewall? An integrated firewall is a network security solution that utilizes both hardware and software. It detects, blocks, and removes malicious programs. An example of this cyber security solution is Microsoft perimeter protection. It detects and prevents growing enterprise attacks by allowing managed servers to use content filtering services.

What are gateway attacks? Gateways are used as means to steal information or send data. For instance, if someone has access to your company’s network, they could easily send out an email with a virus attachment. The virus infects your email program and then sends it to someone else, who may download the attached file. These types of cyber security solutions are common on corporate networks.

What are perimeter security solutions? Perimeter security is a type of cyber security solution that protects your network by detecting, preventing, and removing malicious software. Examples of perimeter security solutions include McAfee internet security and Norton anti-virus. In order to defend your business from growing malware attacks, you must regularly update your software and practice extreme caution when downloading files from the internet.

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